Monday, 14 October 2013

Tierlantynkies Market Fun

Yesterday we stopped at one the markets that we love - a twice a year market that has started getting a nice festival feel.

Mojito stall after a couple of hours in the sun and shopping. Life saved.

Kids corner - dress up and decorate your own cupcake. Hours of fun.

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Scrolling back on a social life..

I had one of those moments last night.. I looked back on my photo stream (photos posted and just on my laptop), and I thought wow. We have fun. And we are blessed.

Even the small moments (before school, dinner, laughing at a dance, at a party with friends) or the big moments (first days at school, birthdays, concerts).. I am loving out life.

We are also quickly outgrowing our small 'limbo' phase that we had staying with my parents. I appreciate everything they do, and we get a long great which makes living here easy.. but I miss our routines, our own furniture, my own way of doing things. And most of all.. with all our shopping for the 'new house'.. we are quickly outgrowing the storage and space we have! :)

Thursday, 12 September 2013

End of the week..and living is easy.

I actually have a whole nice post all saved up.. but alas. It is Thursday night. I just finished my IT Management course. I have had busy week at word (and it only promises to get worse). So here is some more easy 'Things I love'..  Who wants to complain when they can look at pretty pictures and forget about it.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Once you start.. you can't stop!

Some more catch up fun. Winter 2013. Just a few of my favorite moments:

Turning 7.
 We made the papers! Hanging out at the neighborhood festival..
 School mornings.
 Me watching one of my all time favorite movies, My Father the hero. They made a sign pointing to the TV saying that this movies makes mom laugh :)
 More garden fun in the winter sun.. for a moment there we lost Minki!

Cacthing up on July / August 2013

I believe it way easier to play catch up with a few photos or moments.. So this is some of our July /August..

Turning 31.. I took my sweet time to update all my profiles to 31! Made brown bags filled with goodies for everyone at work. And I got the sweetest card.

We visit this place a lot! And we always have the most amazing fun going round and round on a assortment of model steam trains. 

Visiting our neighbours.. and their little lamb called lamb.

 Donating some old cats and dogs to those less fortunate.. They were very proud to see how much fun their "old" toys brought to these youngsters. This little guy immediately claimed the cat for himself!
 Hanging out and drinking craft beer with some my friends (girl in picture) and my wingman (not pictured).. And some journos / camera men / craft beer makers.

 We rocked out with our next door band.
 My laptop is no longer mine.
 Backyard games on sunny winters days. Balancing apples, swinging, climbing and just general fun.

On my way to work I got the first flat tires in my life.. I called my mom who was just as clueless as me. Luckily this guy stopped and help (despite having torn ligaments in his leg!).

Now.. time for spring! And not a moment too soon.

Booked off..

I won't make any excuses, or promises this time around! I have blogged in my head hundreds of times in the last few months.. but to actually put pen to paper never happened.

I'll give it to 2013 - so far so good. New (not so new anymore) job is going good. Love the work (not so much some of the happenings at said office, but there are perks that make up for any small inconvenience. One thing I can't stand is constant gossip. Especially since we are a small office.. it is like poison.

Studies are going. I am almost done with my short course (two more assignments to go). I let myself down a bit by doing a lot of the work last minute. I start off each week being so sure that this week I will start earlier. Only to start late again.

Life has been good.. one of the last pieces that need to fall into place for this year is a new house. I have been looking, but just as with my blogging.. time is seems to fly and I have not found that perfect place at the right price. I have been living my parents since last year when the place I was renting was sold. Then everything else happened, so when I did move in with them it was actually a good thing. But I can tell we are all over it now (me.. and the kids). And I am sure my mom and dad as well. We take up almost all of their house!

I will do a little catch up post now.. I have some time (I'm booked off sick for two days!).

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Best way to catch up.. Holiday snaps!

When it doubt on how to explain a long break from blogging? A holiday! And what a holiday it was.
Few things are so rewarding as seeing something for the first time. In this case it wasn't me, but my 3 girls. Last time they were at the beach I was still pregnant with K & W , and M was hardly a year.
This to me is a feeling no one should ever forget (and yes it reminds one of a Ronan Keating song): 
I can't imagine not feeling small when standing next to the ocean.
Even though I am 30 (almost, almost 31.. remind me to update all my profiles!) I still get excited at that first sighting of the ocean. This time it was an aerial sighting - and yes! I was flying with some first timers. Apparently I lie about how it might feel 'funny' when the plane takes off.. According to them, it was fine!
What happened after the flight and first sighting of the ocean, was just pure old school beach holiday: Up before the sun, whole day at the beach, out like a candle by 7pm. Bed, shoes and hair (and basically everything we touched) covered with sand. 

This was our second morning at the beach (photo below). And I highly recommend everyone doing it once. Running along the waves while the sun breaks on the horizon, singing "I'm on the beach in my pyjammies". It is liberating. And once you are back in your apartment on the beach? Best cup of coffee ever.
Ushaka Marine World.. apparently is beats school!

This was how we all felt for those few days. Above and below. Careless, and holding the sun in our hands. Bonus? Wearing PJ's!
 We built the biggest 'boats' and waited for the waves. Each time a wave crashed on them it was laughter and "PANIC!". This was one of those moments you wish you didn't have to stand with your camera / cellphone in hand. But to capture that moment. Classic.
 Some classy travellers.
Internet speed allowing, I would probably post a million photos. Each a memory. But for now? They are planning their next holiday. Long term? Saving for Paris! (Sorry Mr.Bank Manager but it has to happen at some point). But next hopefully Cape Town (Sorry savings account).